For both private as well as work related interactions, webcams have become increasingly vital. Video conferencing is being used by more individuals than ever before to replace audio-only calls.

In the light of the global pandemic that the human race is facing, every aspect of life as we know it, has taken a dull stop. With the inevitable popularization of “Work from Home” culture, video conferencing and hence webcams have become an integral element of home office setup, be it for working professionals or students.

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A webcam is a tiny digital video camera that is embedded in a computer or a computer network. It can be either directly integrated internally or indirectly connected.

Webcams come with their own software that must be downloaded on the computer in order for users to record or stream video over the Internet. Webcams may take photos as well as high-definition videos, albeit the video quality is often inferior to that of other camera models.

Why do I need to get my webcam tested?

To begin, what are the essential elements of a successful video conference? You must be properly prepared whether you are hosting a major webinar with hundreds of attendees or you plan daily online meet-ups with your distributed team:

In the event of a work-related presentation, your professional knowledge and experience must be unparalleled. Make sure your presentation and any additional resources you wish to give are immaculate and you understand how to impact and connect with your audience.

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But despite checking all these checkboxes, the final item on that checklist that will allow you to finally seal your accomplishment as soon as your event is finished, is how good your virtual conference’s audio-video quality is.

Every webinar or online meeting requires excellent audio-video quality.

It is critical to be able to preview what your webcam will display to other users before starting a conference. Perhaps you want to make sure you look presentable or keep your cluttered bedroom out of sight. You might want to check the efficiency of your lighting or the quality of the image produced by your webcam. You should also do a webcam test and check your microphone to ensure that your event participants can see and hear you clearly.

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Our tool will help you in this regard.

In case you have bought or linked to a brand new webcam and need to test if it really works properly. The webcam viewer of our tool will show the picture in real time. Customers often get scammed into buying cheaper webcams, so you can also check the parameters of a newly bought webcam here.

If you have more than one webcams in hand, you can also use this tool to evaluate which one of those and compare their parameters. This way you will know exactly which webcam top put to use and when.

You can find out the specifics of your webcam by conducting a simple online webcam test. For instance, you can get the number of frames in step with second (FPS) supported by your webcam. Low FPS frequent video lags.

Additionally, resolution of a camera determines the quality of image it produces. Greater the resolution, better the image quality.

How do I conduct a webcam test online?

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • In the pop-up permission box that appears at the top of your window, click on Allow.
  • Immediately, the video stream captured by your webcam will appear in real time on the website’s landing page.

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  • Scroll down to find the specifics of your webcam below it.
  • If the webcam feed doesn’t appear press on the power button to turn it on.

Why should you use

There are plenty of websites available for online webcam testing. However, is hands down, a class apart.

The website provides reliable results and fulfils the user’s expectations. The user-friendly interface simplifies the procedure and ensures that the data is processed quickly. Finding out precise information about your webcam using this site is literally a click away and hardly takes a few seconds.

It is also safe and secure. Our website does not operate a server. The application runs entirely in your browser, hence does not store the data of its visitors. The data is lost as soon as you leave the site. This ensures that your camera information and other pertinent data are completely secure.

So make sure to head over to next time you are preparing for a video conference or webinar for quick online webcam test.